Deviock Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on the second Thursday of the month (except August and December) at 7.30 pm to hear the public and to conduct essential business. The full Council also meets on the third Thursday of December in order to approve the budget for the following year. The Parish Council Planning Committee meets to hear planning applications on the fourth Thursday of the month (not December) at 6.30pm.

All parish meetings are held at the Zone, Downderry Methodist Church.

  • Hessenford, the smallest ward, has 139 electors living in 69 houses and represented by 3 parish councillors
  • Seaton, slightly larger, has 249 electors living in 110 houses and 29 flats represented by 3 parish councillors
  • Downderry, by far the largest ward, has 719 electors, 297 houses and 56 flats represented by 5 parish councillors

The inequality of representation is well known, but the present arrangement has the advantage that no single ward can automatically win an open vote in the council. Neither is there a single member ward!

Parish Council FAQs