Deviock Parish Housing Needs Survey April 2011 : One Page Summary

The Background

Deviock Parish Council and Cornwall Council believe that it is essential that all Deviock residents live in and can afford accommodation suitable for their needs, and that any proposed development of Affordable Housing needs to be justified by evidence of housing need.

To help inform the amount of housing needed, the type of housing and the location, as well as establishing level of support for affordable housing amongst those living the parish, they sought to gather information from parishioners themselves via a survey carried out earlier this year.

Of approx 1000 surveys distributed, 148 were returned completed. This is not atypical of such a survey but is slightly disappointing as many may have missed out on the chance to express their views.

There was a high proportion of retired house owners amongst those who responded, thus the views of this sector of society may have been slightly over represented.

The Results

70% of respondents said they would support a small development of affordable housing for local people within the parish if there were a proven need.

For many there were conditions attached. The strong preference was for affordable housing to be provided in small sites rather than one compact development and the majority felt that affordable housing should not be made available to anyone who has never lived in the Parish.

Also of importance was adequate infrastructure to be in place first, sensitivity of design and minimum impact on the surroundings. It should be in keeping.

Many respondents were able to give suggestions as to sites in the parish that might be suitable for an affordable housing scheme, Treliddon Lane in Downderry being the most frequently mentioned.

8% said that someone in their family had moved away from the parish in the last 5 years due to difficulties in finding an affordable home in the parish, and would like to move back if affordable housing were available to them.

Overall 15-20% of respondent households needed to change accommodation within the next five years.

Of these, 71% wished to move within Deviock parish.

Need to set up independent accommodation was the most common sole reason for needing to move, followed by need for a cheaper home.

Those needing to move fell into three main groups in roughly equal proportions:

 (1)  Young people needing to set up independent accommodation;
 (2)  Households needing to move as a family, e.g. for cheaper or larger accommodation or to move from renting to buying;
 (3)  Retired people (or those nearing retirement age) needing to downsize, move into retirement/sheltered accommodation or needing to be nearer family.

Over 50% of those who would wish to buy a home could not afford anything over 150,000.

For 48% of those wishing to rent, the maximum they could afford would be less than 100/wk.

18% of those wishing to move were on the Cornwall Homechoice housing register.

Survey results analysed by Dr. Teresa King on behalf of Deviock Parish Council.

Deviock Parish office tel: 01503 250 052